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About Us

Custom Home Builders in CENTRAL, ARKANSAS

What if… we made the impossible happen.

Welcome to The Dream Studio, where no idea is too big, too strange, or too wild to pursue. You do the talking, we do the listening, and together, we discover the vision for your new home.



Visionary and Founder

Three decades of victories in academia, construction, and the NFL has given Greg Lasker an appetite for new opportunities and a healthy curiosity for the future.

He’s not just a custom home builder; he’s a social architect, promoting harmony, pursuing connections, and building a community everyone can flourish in. With teamwork, collaboration, and responsibility, he believes he can be part of the solution to an ever-changing world.

When you work with Greg and his team, you’ll see the benefits beyond brick and mortar. You’ll experience connection, well-being, and most importantly, community.

"Not everything that matters can be measured, and not everything that is measured matters." - Elliot Eisner

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