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Building Process



At our kick-off meeting, we’ll start dreaming big. Our Dream Studio is a no thought police zone; we believe in constantly asking “what if.” As you discuss your vision, plans, and ideas, our team of creatives will listen intentionally. Together, we will define your core needs for a house designed for your lifestyle.



Our architects, designers, and estimators will work together to create a design you love. Our design team will help you select fixtures, finishes, cabinetry, tile, etc. During this phase, we will ensure every step of the build aligns with your vision and budget to minimize surprises and prevent cost overruns.



We will continue to present, review, and revise the design concept until we arrive at your desired design. Once the concept and plans are finalized, we’ll complete all construction and design drawings. Then, our estimators will gather competitive quotes from subcontractors and vendor partners based on your drawings.



You and your design team have carefully planned the details and made the necessary decisions and accommodations to your budget. All that is left to do is break ground on the construction of your new home. From day one, you will receive weekly client updates and reports from the project manager and design team.


The Keys

Your project isn’t finished until every detail meets the design-build team’s expectations. To keep quality at a superior level, we use an independent third-party inspector to guarantee exceptional results each and every time.

Finally, the best part. Once the job is complete, it's time to hand over the keys, move in, and then relax! Waking up in your new home is just as rewarding as the first time you walked in. You can sleep at ease knowing that your house is covered by the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. Now THAT is #BuildingPeaceOfMind.

Ready to Design Your Dream Home?