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Inspired Communities of Hope - Get to Know Hope Village

In a world that can often feel cold and harsh, it's important to remember that there are still people out there fighting for a better future. People like the team at Conway House of Hope (CoHO), are working hard to build Hope Village. This small community of homes will be dedicated to helping address homelessness in the Conway, AR, area and provide housing and support for those in need. Hope Village will provide housing for families and individuals, ranging from those who are homeless to those with moderate incomes. 

What is Hope Village?

Hope Village is a unique and ambitious project that offers individuals and families affordable housing. This community consists of ten tiny homes next door to CoHOHIB. 

  • Five homes will be 1 bd 1 ba (490 sqft)
  • Five homes will be 2 bd 1 ba (640 sqft)
  • One of the homes will serve low-to-middle income families (a 2bd)
  • One of the homes will house the case manager (a 1bd)
  • Two of the homes will be reserved for veterans (a1bd and a 2bd)
  • The remaining six homes are for homeless individuals/families

This community is defined as “supportive housing” and differs from an emergency shelter. Hope Village will model a holistic approach to addressing homelessness and provide temporary assistance with long-lasting results.

There is a need in this city that necessitates championing the issue of homelessness in such a way that shows compassion and care for humanity on a greater scale than previously seen. It is CoHO’s intent to lead by example in loving our neighbors with more than words, but in actions as well​. For more information about Hope Village, a community of compassion, watch this quick video.

Hope Village in Conway Arkansas

How Lifestyle Homes by Greg Lasker is Contributing 

Greg Lasker, the founder of Lasker Lifestyles, believes in cultivating community. He asks himself every day how he can use his talents, resources, and time to build God’s kingdom and serve others. Pouring time and resources into Hope Village perfectly aligns with Greg’s vision: to pursue and build a community everyone can flourish in. 

Greg Lasker is serving as a General Contractor on the project, and Lifestyle Homes is an active sponsor. 

How to Get Involved

A portion of this project is funded by private donors. Through sponsors and private donations, we have purchased the land for Hope Village. Now, we are collecting support for completing the project. If you would like to be part of this project, consider giving a donation, supporting us in prayer, or taking part in one of our fundraisers. For more information, read about how you can specifically be involved.

A Community for Everyone

Hope Village is more than just a group of houses - it's proof that there is still hope for humanity. By providing housing and supportive services for those who need it most, Conway House of Hope is working towards making their community a better place for everyone. 

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